Grief Support and Spiritual Direction

Grief Radio

The Concept – Grief Radio, a podcast about grief.

If there was ever a time to manifest a platform that talks about grief, that time is now.

We are a grieving world. Globally, we are suffering. Whether it is the suffering of a personal

loss, or traumatized by war, poverty, political corruption, and climate change, fires and floods,

the grief of racism, hatred, pandemics, or mass shootings, we are surrounded and engulfed

with grief at every turn.


Grief Support


Both Dr. LaRivière's personal and professional life have shaped her organic approach when dealing with grief. Her method is grounded in a concept that points to the unique story of each individual, exploring the areas that may be causing distress in their lives, as a result of what she names as 'unprocessed grief.’
"Starting with experiences of early childhood trauma, I also lost all of my immediate family in my early twenties. For a long time, I had no idea of how such traumatic events would continue to shape my life. The fallout from these events affected my behaviour and future relationships in ways that I could not see, could not yet name, let alone understand.  A lot of deep, inner work, and also the focus of my education, brought me to places of solace and understanding, and moved me to become a more compassionate and empathetic person. It's been quite the journey!"
As grief is a complex and complicated process, we need to take the time to care for our grief with healthy coping strategies. As we suffer the loss of our selves, we need to redefine who we are with love, compassion and empathy.

Vivianne's approach includes a lot of spirited conversation, while exploring the images that come up as a result.  Using meditation, and creative/artistic expression, movement, story telling, and improvisation, she relies on a simple but wise prescription: "Move forward with hope."

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Spiritual Direction ~ Interior Design for the Soul


What does it mean to live a life fulfilled?

As we face the crossroads of our lives, it is sometimes difficult to make decisions, as we don’t always know which way to turn. In anticipation of your next adventure, how are you to know which direction to take, as you sometimes face several choices?

Are you asking yourself these important questions in your life?

Who am I? What do I believe in?  What do I value? What is my purpose?

What are my challenges? Who am I called to become?

Spiritual Direction is a dynamic approach to help guide you into the answers you need, as you communicate with your most authentic self: your soul.

It is during these times Spiritual Direction does its best work.  It is an ancient spiritual practice, which may serve you in ways that no other practice can, as you discern what you need to approach your life in a healthy, productive, and passionate way. Our journey together includes empathetic conversation, meditation, and prayer and thoughtful creativity, with emphasis on the art of listening.

Spiritual Direction may help you clarify the decisions and steps you need to take in order to fulfill your call, as Spirit and intuition are at play, guiding you to deepen your trust in yourself.

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