Along the River's Edge

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~ A Day of Love ~

If we could be so kind as to remember to grace every day with gratitude, oh what a life we could have.

If we could be so wise as to bow to the Divine in the other, upon every passing, oh what love we would experience.

If we could be so loving as to address the needs of the poor, and care for the misfortunate on a daily basis, oh what wisdom we would inherit.
If we could be so gentle as to extend our gracious peace and utter but only the kindness of words and whispers upon the heart of another, oh what a treasure we would become.
If we could only come to recognize the inherent worth of another consistently, and hold our thoughts, and our tongues with nothing but respect for the vapours of life, oh what a celebration we could live.
If we could lay down the foulness of our thoughts, and our tongues, if we could dismantle the wickedness
of our cuss, and focus only on the possibility of peace within ourselves so that our joy of living may be extended as a generous rainbow to everyone, oh what truth we would bare.
May all of you experience some bliss, some grace, and some nuance of the presence of love in your life, today and each passing moment. Wishing you all a happy Valentine's day!




We need to give grief space to grieve. Together.


Hello everyone!

Greetings from a bit of a dismal Nova Scotia these days. After spending I don't know how many days shovelling out after the "snowmageddon" that many of you may have heard about, looks like we are about to experience another  ~ a 'nor ‘easter!'

I've had a few aching bones as of late! LOL! And it also was a time beckoning for rest.  A lot of people were in distress. It's a scary thing for some, not to be able to get out of your house. Staying home by choice is another matter. I saw postings of some people's living room and bedroom windows blown out. 

There are many dismal pockets of despair after a storm like this, that many perhaps don't realize. It can be quite frightening, and also, yes, can bring about times of grief. Feeling a loss of autonomy, unable to get to see a loved one, fear of losing one's job as a result of not being able to get to work. And there are the politics.....don't get me started.

All that to say, the changes in weather patterns we are experiencing can also cause grief. And is not Mother Nature herself, grieving?

Grief comes in many shapes, forms, and shades of colour. We all grieve. We need to. And yet, we sometimes fear grief, do we not? These and many other topics are part of what will bring listeners to Grief Radio. 

We need to listen to what our bodies, and hearts, and minds are telling us about grief. And, we need to listen to another, and each other. We need to give grief space to grieve. Together.

Thank you to all of you for your generous support and patience! Grief Radio is growing its organic grassroots. Good things take time. And we appreciate all that we are learning along the way. And it is a lot!! 

We have slowly begun to purchase the equipment we need. And testing out set ups etc. And this too takes time and patience, for there are other life's obligations to take care of.  And I nearly keeled when Mike (our great tech volunteer!!) suggested I was the one that will be doing the editing! LOL! That might be a slippery slope!  Daunting. However, things are steadfastly moving ahead.

Please join us in spreading the word. If you would be so kind as to send out the link to friends, family and colleagues, we would deeply appreciate your efforts. This is how something grows. We ~ all of us ~ becoming part of the things we deeply believe in. We need to care for our grief. We need to care for each other. 

It’s a long winter. Stay safe, stay calm. Thank you for being here.  Namaste. Peace for the journey.





     “ARE WE THERE YET?” What parent has not heard these words coming from a child in the back of a car while driving for hours to reach a vacation destination? I pestered my parents repeatedly with this question during trips between Montréal and Nova Scotia when going to visit extended family. Back then, much of the route through New Brunswick was on an undivided two-way highway, and it was not uncommon to get stuck behind heavily loaded, slow-moving lumber trucks on their way to lumber mills. Stretches of the road were hilly and winding and, due to a lot of oncoming traffic, it was often difficult to pass safely, making the trip interminably longer.
     “IS GRIEF RADIO THERE YET?” This question is being posed by some who are eagerly awaiting our Podcast’s launch. Just when we are cruising along with preparations, some obstacle will pop up and slow us down, be it of a technical process, equipment requirement, or timing issue. So far, Mother Nature has intervened a couple of times with Hurricane Fiona in September 2022, and the latest snowmageddon ... both in Viv’s region. While I am retired and have more free time here in Ontario, Viv, the creator of GRIEF RADIO, has also been trying to build her art gallery business in Pictou, Nova Scotia.
     So, we ask you to bear with us as we continue along this exciting path. In the meantime, we appreciate the support you have been giving – and continue to give – by sharing our link … … and by donating to our Go Fund Me campaign.
Ian Smith  (Co-Admin. & Co-Host)