Along the River's Edge

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Time for Slumber
Spring awaits…!
But now it is time for slumber…
There is a vastness of waiting and space
Between the first yawns of winter and the chirping
Of the many spring symphonies as
Mother Earth
Begins to awaken with joy.
Always with joy!
But oh! The darkness is here! Now!
Beckoning us into a quiet reverie,
Of dream, and reminisce, and listening.
Deep, savoury, listening.
For there the roots hum.
The winter tryst filled with its own whimsy and crackle ~
And the water, as its flows with its ancient voices,
Even if frozen, and perplexed, with time forgotten.
We slumber!
Give the heart a rest.
Provide warmth and praise and pause for the bones.
Contemplate the garden.
The garden with her roses, and love blooms eternal,
And may there be Peace.
May there be Peace on Earth.
And may this bouquet of time and presence, and patience,
Unfold with the Divinity of Colour, and with an aroma as deep as a Magenta moon.
But for now,
It is time for slumber.
Dear friend,
It is time for slumber,
To give the heart a rest.
And to provide warmth, and praise, and pause for the bones.
And may there be Peace on Earth.
May there be Peace on Earth.



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