Workshops & Retreats

In today’s chaotic world, it is vital that we take the time to refresh the mind, relax the body, and invigorate the spirit by nurturing and nourishing our inner life.


Vivianne brings decades of experience facilitating workshops and retreats. She is available for corporate and organizational engagements, as well as offering the same platforms for individuals, and community gatherings. Presently, these workshops and retreats are available through Zoom.
A journey within using Dr. LaRiviere’s concepts of converging art with spirituality offers the opportunity for pathways toward spiritual renewal, and transformation. There is occasion to listen deeply and understand what is inspiring and what is of value, as we face our greatest challenges in becoming that which we are called to be.

Embracing Grief through Love,

Care, Art, and Understanding

Grief is a complex phenomenon that can take many twists and turns at different times in our lives. We do understand some things about grief. However, we need to also ask ourselves if we understand our own personal journey with grief, and how it might be affecting various areas of our lives.
This is an 8-week series that examines grief through an introspective lens. The program is designed as a practice for the working professional, and the grieving layperson. It is also beneficial when dealing with conflict, and grief in an organizational setting.
We share. We find solace in good conversation and meditation. We encourage creative expression. We listen.  


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The  Spiritual Malaise of the 21st Century

Acedia? What’s that you ask? Acedia, also historically known as “the 8th deadly sin,” is a spiritual illness deeply rooted in the psyche.  If you haven’t heard of acedia, you are not alone. Most people don’t know what it is, let alone are able to identify it for oneself. Therein lies the danger.
To put it simply, acedia is defined as ‘the absence of care.’ Dr. LaRiviere’s thesis goes into detail about the nature of acedia, as she believes that acedia is presently rampant around the globe. Acedia is a SOUL THIEF.  This spiritual illness robs you of your most intimate relationship with your Divine Self. How do you know if you are being affected by acedia? And how would you go about treating acedia if you could pinpoint where it might be affecting your purpose in life, and your relationships?


“This is a spiritual retreat that opens doors toward responsible change and transformation!”
This is a retreat designed to address what acedia is, and to provide practical means that potentially may provide you with a renewed sense of self and purpose. It can be adapted for either a weekend, or week retreat format. We engage with spirited conversation, prayer and meditation, a lot of creativity and reflection time, and sharing.


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Drum Making Workshops

Join us for a Spirited, and fun-filled weekend making your own peace drum!


The drum is symbolic of the universal heartbeat.  Drumming frees the mind, moves the body, and is often used in prayer and/or meditation. You will be sent all that you need to make a 12" deer drum with beater, and other information to prepare for your special day.


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