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The SASWE products made their debut at a farmer’s market in the summer 2018, in the village of Hudson QC. Drawn in by the compelling aroma of Sage & Sweetgrass ~ the basic ingredients of all SASWE products, people lined up to purchase these naturally scented delights!
SASWE is an artisanal brand, manufactured with accuracy and care. Our soaps are cured for over a month! We use recycled material for shipping. You will receive your order wrapped in newspaper or holiday wrap! It's what's on the inside that counts.



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“People sharing about their SASWE experience!”

A little bird told me

Faith Walker

"If wellbeing were simply a scent, then SASWE would be it.  These fragrances infused with sweetgrass, lavender and other woody notes, ground and calm like few other products do.  I truly find myself glad to be alive after a spritz or two of the body mist....... transcendent."

Will Tomkinson

"I have been using the shampoo for a few years. I was drawn to it as a plastic free, with fully recyclable packaging. What brings me back is the scent and the lather. SASWE shampoo bars are a great part of my morning shower."

Terry O'Shaughnessy

"From SASWE's delicately scented homemade soap and body mist to its care balm and other products, I use SASWE for its purity, quality and the knowledge that its products are created in a mindful way."

Steve Walters

"When you finally find products that are made from natural materials and with the care and attention they deserve then you have hit the gold mine. I did and I have. One thing to say... just try them all and you will never look back"

Allison Kaczmarek

I love the Saswe body mists! From bright and floral to rich and earthy, these simply beautiful scents are right for any occasion! And Saswe deodorant! What a smooth, lovely texture that is never sticky and its scent is also amazing!

Carol Poliseno Forest

"I have lived with severe Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) for most of my 74 years. I'd grown skeptical of products that offer relief, be it creams or cosmetics, though I did discover I was compatible with Shea Butter. While at a farmer's market a few years ago, I was introduced to SASWE Body Butter. Hallelujah!!! Not only was there no negative reaction, but for once, this cream was pleasant in fragrance and touch, and very moisturizing! It is now my only 'go to' for my face. Imagine how taken aback I was when I was recently complimented on my complexion!"